Tongariro Ecosystem

Located in the heart of the North Island, resting on a Plateau at the southern end of a monumental 2,500km chain of volcanoes, lies Tongariro National Park.

The unique ecosystem of the park combines idle and active volcanic activity with rivers, lakes, desert, forestry, grassland and a world renowned glacial environment.

Spiritually charged, this sacred land provides an ideal balance of isolation and sanctitude with a perfect playground for outdoor recreation; comprised of the extraordinary Tongariro Crossing and Mount Ruapehu ski areas.


Our Plant

Tongariro bottling plant is surrounded by UNESCO Dual World Heritage Area in New Zealand - National Park , where aquifers are protected by solid , impenetrable natural layers of basalt and blue rock. The plant is built at 2647 feet above the sea level on top of an aquifer, which contains natural water, supercharged by volcanoes, untouched by man. Using state of the art bottling equipment, where a completely sealed delivery system draws the water up from the aquifer, water is bottled at source, which guarantees that water quality remains intact from the bore to the bottle.