T42 Central Plateau

The Central Plateau area is considered by many to be one of the most magical and unique places in NZ that is full of off-road tracks. T42 Central Plateau gives us the famous and iconic 42 Traverse track.


Kururau Krusher

The Kururau Krusher - started with a shotgun since 1999! Taumarunui is blessed with towering terrain, snaking rivers and breathtaking views. This fantastic event features numerous courses for running, cycling and rafting.


Tussock Traverse

The Tussock Traverse offers both keen trail runners and walkers, as well as people new to the excitement of off-road adventures, one of the most scenic and varied courses in New Zealand. The event is proud to support the ongoing work of Project Tongariro (formerly the Tongariro Natural History Society) and the great work they do conserving this spectacular area. www.tussocktraverse.co.nz


The Goat Adventure Run

The Original Tongariro Goat is a demanding yet achievable run that is widely acclaimed as one of New Zealand's premier off road running events. In March 2013 the Goat event model will head to the Kaimai Ranges in the Bay of Plenty of the inaugural "Goes Bush Kaimai" event. In 2012 The Original Tongariro event sold out in just four days so enter Goes Bush Kaimai now to avoid disappointment and get your Goat fix - it will be a memorable experience.